3 compact cameras i have my eye on

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3 compact cameras i have my eye on
i absolutely love my camera (a canon 650D) and my 50mm f/1.8 lens ..and my lovely 28mm tokina that i actually use for most of my photos, but there’s times where it is a bit cumbersome to use, or my wrists get tired from holding it when it’s not on the tripod. (side note: i have horrendously weak wrists) because of its size, i don’t take it everywhere with me ..as much as i’d love to. so many times i’ve been out and seen something i wanted to take a photo of and all i have is my phone. the camera on that is okay at best, but i really want a smaller camera that i can put in my bag or coat pocket and take everywhere with me.

a while ago i did some research, and these are my favourite contenders. obviously i don’t have the funds for any of them right now, so i’m essentially dreaming out loud here. in no particular order:

3 compact cameras i have my eye on
the canon EOS M looks great because i can still use lenses i have with it (with an adapter), but with a smaller body. it’s not compact in that it’s a ‘true’ compact, but it’s a lot smaller than a DSLR! i’ve heard great things about this camera, and i love my 50mm lens and RMC tokina 28mm lens, so would be great to be able to still use them. obviously the images depend on the lens used, but have a look at the eos m flickr group for some examples.

3 compact cameras i have my eye on
the fuji x20 was the first one i found in my search, and based on looks alone, i loved it! i know some may consider it gimmicky with the retro look, but i think it’s really pretty. looks aside, looks like a good small camera that can take good photos. the lens is a touch slower than the camera below, but the lens i currently use most is f2.8 so no big deal there. i’d love the x100 but it’s a lot more expensive! if you want to see photos, check out the fujifilm x20 flickr group.

3 compact cameras i have my eye on
i think someone recommended the canon power shot G15 to me, but i can’t remember who! this one is a bit more on the chunky side, and definitely looks more robust in case of accidental dropping (hello clumsy!). it’s got a nice fast lens, (and will still reach f2.8 at full telephoto!) and has a good range in terms of focal length, too. i’ve read a lot of good things about this one, so it’s a strong contender. here’s the powershot g15 flickr group if you want to see some photos from it.

do you have any of these, or recommendations for other compact cameras?
(oh, and by the way, all the illustraions are by me)

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