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snapshots of my week - 4th october

well, that should be snapshots of my past two weeks seeing as i had a break last week. it felt good to take a week off! i feel like i've probably forgotten to include lots of things, but these were (some of, obviously) the photos on my camera, so that's what you're getting!

univo u5 glasses from selectspecs

i got some new glasses. i wanted a spare pair incase my others broke or got scratched. i really like them!

illustration of kailey from mermaidens

i made an illustration of kailey from mermaidens (if you're reading, i'll send it soon!) it was so fun doing her hair.

box from oh my clumsy heart

bertha necklace from oh my clumsy heart

i've been waiting for ages to both be able to afford this beauty, and for it to be back in stock! this is bertha, from sophie of oh my clumsy heart. i've had my eye (and heart) on it for so long and i'm so happy she can now be around my neck!

pink orla kiely beaker

i went in john lewis early last week to look for a nice birthday present for the boyfriend. whilst i was there i saw that they had loads of orla kiely stuff ..i wanted it all! but could only afford this beaker. i really wanted this storage jar too but couldn't afford it!

ceramic cat

i found this ..what i assume is a cat, in a charity shop for only 50p! how could i not. kind of reminds me of one of kaye blegvads' ceramic cats.

white coral

and also this piece of coral. it looks much nicer in real life, i swear.

glitter card wallet from oh no rachio
i forgot to mention but i won this awesome glittery card wallet from oh no rachio! ALL the sparkle.


  1. i love your new glasses, makes me want some too aha! That illustration is super cute tooxx

    1. thank you! i figured it was best to get some whilst i had a little bit of money, rather than having to spend money when i don't again!

      and thank you! i don't draw people as often as i used to but i think i did okay :D

  2. So in love with your new glasses (they look gorgeous on you!) AND I am ridiculously excited to see the rest of your little drawing of me - you spoil me miss!! ;__; <33333

    1. thank you! i wanted some that were a bit less 'harsh' on my face (my other ones are tortoiseshell and a bit bigger) so these are perfect and totally my style!

      ahh, hope you like it! i'll send it tomorrow :)

  3. The drawing of Kailey looks seriously amazing!! <3 And the ceramic cat - just wow. Have you seen Leah Goren's ceramic cats? This one looks like it could fit right in!

    Lost in the Haze

    1. thank you!

      yes, i was actually thinking of leah gorens cats too but forgot to actually type it, haha! so glad i found it, it was one of those things that my eyes focussed on from the other side of the room, despite being tiny.


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