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colour combo love - black and grey

i've always liked black and grey together. the fact that they're slightly similar in tone really adds a special touch, i think. understated and stylish. i think they're great base colours, either together or apart.

you know i love colour and so i'll often be wearing something colourful and patterned, but sometimes i really like to wear more neutral outfits and then add colour through accessories. saying that, i'd happily go about in just some black and grey from time to time!

how about you? do you prefer all out colour, or adding colour on top of more neutral tones?

clockwise from top left // anglepoise lamp, contrast cuff beanie, collared knitted jumper, clamshell dish, prada saffiano tote handbag, industrial metal letter t, mint velvet suede boots, hand shaped bookend or mail holder & speckle roll sleeve dress


  1. I quite like neutrals too, although generally paler ones or I'd just look waaaay too gothic seeing as I'm so pale haha. Stripes are also always a good thing :Pxx

    1. haha, i'm super pale too but i think black is fine, and in some cases looks really good. i guess it depends on taste and the way you wear it more than anything.

      with grey though, it's one of those colours where you have to find the right kind of grey to suit your skin tone. i can wear darker greys (like in this post) but pale grey looks awful on me!

  2. Though I'm usually always wearing bright colors and pastels, I absolutely love black and greys too! That dress is such a perfect staple and I LOVEEE the shell dish! I actually thrifted a white plastic one last week - it was incredible! :D

    1. i totally agree! normally i'm really colourful but it's nice toning it down a bit sometimes. & i actually thought of you when i found that dish! :)


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