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3 things

there's three things i forgot to include in my usual snapshots of my week  posts, and they're three of the things i liked best about the week! how silly of me. these days with digital cameras it's easy to forget about certain photos because you can take so many in such a small amount of time that they just get a bit buried, even if you don't actually forget about them.

anyway, i found the photos, so here they are:

at the very beginning of last week (might have even been the friday, i forget now) i received these excellent cat stamps i won on ebay for the grand total of 40p! as both a cat and stamp aficionado, i am a huge fan of these. i love the colours as well as the subject matter too. i'm not quite sure what to do with them though. any ideas?

i finally received my fabric swatch from spoonflower! this means you now can buy this as fabric, as well as gift wrap and wallpaper. how exciting! i'll put some more designs up in the future when i can afford swatches.

i'm looking to get some printed in the uk though. hopefully it'll work out cheaper for me, and therefore for you too if/when you buy. i've found a couple of affordable places here in the uk, but i don't have the funds at the moment. excited for when i do though! i will be making purses and tote bags, as well as maybe simple dresses at some point. i've been recommended a good place for gift wrap too, so you might be seeing some of my designs on that in the near future! my empire expands! haha.

a bit less exciting but super simple and fun, i made some bipyramid shapes with some paper. i'm going to make lots more and make a nice little garland. i'm always up for adding colour to the house! i will show you photos when i'm done.


  1. I really want a skirt out of that fabric! I'll have to see if I can find someone to teach me (or make it for me.) xxx

    PS. I mentioned you in this post - http://www.lojovstheworld.co.uk/liebster-award/

    1. i've made a basic dress before with no pattern or help & wasn't too hard! with instructions i'm sure it won't be too difficult to make a skirt:) i'll probably put up some simple how-to's on the blog at some point too!

      & thanks for the mention!


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