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help fund the room 39 kickstarter project!

as you hopefully know by now, i love patterns, surface design etc. and if you have seen my outfit posts ..that scarf you see behind me everytime? it's from room39. i also have a cup that i keep my favourite pens and scissors in. i'm a huge, huge fan of petras work, and i genuinely think people who read this blog will be too, if you're not already.

petra has started a kickstarter campaign to help her fund her knit knit bedding range. as she herself says: 'it's colourful, fresh and fun!'

the bambino goodies blog says - "The print is a really simple idea — it's graphic representation of knitting… the effect is stunning … I think this is the kind of print that's going to last children for a long time as it's not going to age. Frankly. I want it for my bed!"

i TOTALLY agree. it's simple, graphic and ageless.

the funds raised will go towards the production of the first batch of bed linen sets in the two colours selected by room39 customers - INK and NATURAL. if the target is exceded by £2000 that would translate to a further color (BANANA) being introduced to the range.

she's currently 81% funded, and has 46 hours left, so there's still time to pledge! please help! even if you yourself aren't interested in new bedding, a friend or family member may be, so please pass this message on.

also! if you're in the e17 area of london, room39 are having a sample/seconds/pre-order sale soon. wish i could go!