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cardboardcities colour love – pastel yellow

pastel yellow is one of those colours i really like to look at, but don’t wear as it really, really doesn’t go well with my pale skin as it makes me look really washed out. good for details though and obviously home decor and art is fine! unless for some reason i decide to wear it but obviously that’s not happening.

it’s really appropriate for spring. light and reminiscent of pops of gentle sunlight. countryside walks and late afternoon picnics. how lovely!

if you want some more colour love, you have from red to purple, as well as colours like coral and teal choose from. what’s your favourite colour?

cardboardcities colour love   pastel yellow

clockwise from top left // intro to academia bag, ‘shining through’ dress, tammy plank wedge sandals

» love the black detail on this satchel! reminds me of those black and yellow staedtler pencils. perfect for the school theme!

» this dress is pretty great. simple, but that means it’s ripe for dressing up or down! i think it’d look great with a cerise or navy cardigan.

» the only type of heeled shoes i like are wedges. i rarely wear heels above an inch or so, but if i do it’ll always be a wedge! these would look perfect with a pretty flowy dress or skirt and a lovely big hat at a picnic or informal event.

cardboardcities colour love   pastel yellow

clockwise from top left // pastel yellow moonstone bib necklace, emma block ‘yellow flowers’ art print, melmac coffee cups

» this necklace is lovely! it reminds me of dollops of lemon curd. that might sound like a strange thing to say about a necklace, but that’s immediately what i thought. looks great on the lace in the picture. would make a fab but slightly low key statement necklace.
» emma block! i do love her illustrations ever so much. this has always been my favourite though, and i’d love it on my wall some day.
» these cups are great. i’m not a coffee drinker, but i love how they look stacked like this. would love to have a picnic and drink homemade lemonade out of these.

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