16 stationery DIY ideas

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brass hay scissors and geometric clipboard

i think it’s a given we all love stationery, and a lot of my blog readers are crafty types, so i figured a post of stationery DIY ideas would be perfect for the weekend! i’ve scoured the internet for lots of fun, colourful and unique stationery DIYs and collected them here just for you. if you have any stationery DIYs you’ve blogged or vlogged about, let me know, and i’d be happy to add them to this list.

have fun making!

  1. string tie envelopes
  2. splatter paint notecards
  3. spray paint ombre cards
  4. washi tape script
  5. cut out valentines cards
  6. DIY envelopes
  7. geometric felt bookmarks
  8. sky gradient paper
  9. rubber band stamps
  10. washi dot notebook
  11. gift tags from magazine pages
  12. stationery and paper organiser
  13. printable monogram stationery
  14. label maker fridge magnets
  15. confetti tray
  16. quirky note holder

a few here i’ve meant to try for some time. so when i’ve got some time to spare, i’ll get crafting, and perhaps share my progress on Instagram stories. especially like the idea of making my own envelopes – got so many sheets of pretty paper going unused – it would be a cute thing to include in gifts and letters to people or to store some collage scraps in.

talking of, i’ve been thinking about doing some collage based DIYs on the blog, but a) is that something you’d actually be interested in? and b) ironically i don’t have any ideas. suggestions welcomed!

collaborative post. thank you to the brands that help support this blog.
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