10 most popular blog posts of 2015

10 most popular blog posts of 2015 - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

10 most popular blog posts of 2015

i’m not sure why, but i don’t think i’ve done this before! i’ve put together my 10 most popular blog posts of this year. it was fun looking back on these! they’re not in any particular order, because i don’t think that’s what matters here.

i love blogging, and this year especially i’ve put a bit more effort into my blog and generally sharing my work online. going forward, i will try my best to share even more work, as well as photos and videos.

it gives me great joy to know that there are people out there reading my words and looking my images, and still astounds me that there are even people that come back!

i really hope you’ve enjoyed the blog this year, and hope that you will in 2016 too!

50 blog post ideas for creative blogs

by far my most popular! i love that i can have a blog where i share my work and other creative endeavours as well as talking about other things where the creative part may be tenuous, but part of my blog nonetheless. sometimes it’s just photos and very few words, but i like it that way.

in 2016 i definitely want to do more creative-led posts, especially ones that helps others. i think this post i’m writing now proves that my readers like helpful creative posts.

what i've learned from instagram - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

what i’ve learned from instagram

halfway through the year i took a look at my instagram images and stats to see how i can learn and grow from images i’d posted before. i love instagram but have no real strategy (not that i want to, really). doing this, though, helped me focus a bit more and made me realise i should post more of my work.

10 tips for buying in charity shops

10 tips for buying in charity shops

i often talk about my love of charity shops/that i buy most of my things from them, so thought it’d be useful to others to do a little ‘tips’ post. i definitely want to find some new charity shops in 2016.

reasons to be happy  - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

reasons to be happy

it was simple, but i loved making this. i think it’s important to remember the things that make you happy, no matter how big or small for the times when you’re feeling low.

book spines - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

book spines

sneakily taken in my boyfriends place of work. totally worth the risk! i need to seek out more books arranged by the colour on their spines. so aesthetically pleasing!

first photos with the fuji x10 - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

first photos with the fuji x10

my lovely, lovely fuji x10! one of my best ever and general favourite purchases. i bring this little camera with me absolutely everywhere (it always gets compliments too!) and a large percentage of photos – and almost all the video footage – on the blog this year are taken with it.

organising art supplies - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

organising art supplies

this was probably popular due to all the orla kiely. a lot of people admire her patterns! i’m definitely one of them. these are actually plant pots but i used them to store my pens and pencils.

what i wore - h! by henry holland dress

what i wore – h! by henry holland dress

i don’t know why this post was so popular, as it’s pretty much just an ordinary outfit post. nevertheless it’s a cute dress and i wear it a lot!

10 most popular blog posts of 2015 - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

a trip to penarth

oh that lovely day in penarth! i’m going to head over the same sort of time next year (as in a month or so’s time) and do more exploring both the beach and the charity shops. must remember to wear proper boots this time! i hope the weather is as nice again.

how to get out of a creative rut

a simple post, but i think one a lot of people can identify with. no matter whether you call yourself a creative or not, i think these simple points can be of use to many people.

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