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fruit stripes

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i finally got round to doing something i've been meaning to do for a while. some time ago kate sent me some american sweets, and an idea popped into my head the moment i saw these! they're fruit stripe gum if you've never seen them before.

i basically just scanned them and cleaned up the image so it had a nice clean white background. super simple idea, but i just really liked how it looked. i also made a print for the house. on the back of the living room door i have two a3 prints from seventy tree and esther cox and there's a space below that just looks empty, so this will fill it perfectly!
fruit stripe chewing gum
fruit stripe a3 print

image © laura redburn


new pattern: ysabel

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when i was doing some marbling last week i also did some drawing and painting, and some general doodle-scribbles. i got out my oil pastels and made some random shapes/did a bit of mark-making, and one of the pieces was just lines across the paper in the colours i had out at the time.

i had originally intended to do a pattern that was vertical lines but i couldn't get it to repeat properly - hello wonky varying thickness lines! - so i thought about how i could make something else of it. well, i love (read: am obsessed with) polka dots so i thought it'd be nice to combine stripes and circles.

ysabel pattern (in blue) by laura redburn
ysabel iphone cases by laura redburn
as always, i did about a million different colour variations for the background, but these were the three i liked best, the cornflower/lavender, the rosy pink and the pastel yellow. all of these are available on my society6 store as prints, phone cases and more, too.

ysabel pattern (in pastel pink) by laura redburn
ysabel pattern notepad mockup by laura redburn
i actually think this pattern would look lovely on fabric. perfect for a lovely spring dress, or a picnic blanket, don't you think? the colours kind of make me think of the seaside too for some reason. saying that, i think they'd work well with gift wrap or stationery too, so i did a mockup above of the patterns on some notepads.

ysabel pattern (in pastel yellow) by laura redburn
all images © laura redburn / cardboardcities