i have this thing with …signage & found type


i think probably one of the most common themes in my photographs besides nature and shadows, is type. wherever you go, it’s there. whether it’s bold, faded ghostsigns, tiny type, carved, made of metal ..it’s everywhere. and i’m always just so completely drawn to it. sometimes it’s pretty ugly or plain, sure. but when you begin to look, you see beauty everywhere. read this post…

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snapshots of my week – 6th july

my brain feels like mush today. just wrote 2 sentences in the title bar, ha! you’ll not be getting anything particularly insightful from me today. weirdly though, have been rather productive this morning. always feels good to get things done. did you notice i’ve…

out & about snapshots

snapshots of tenby, pembrokeshire

tenby! oh, i love you. oh, tenby. i lived in pembrokeshire for almost 8 years before moving to cardiff. so, naturally, i would go to tenby quite a lot. especially when i was particularly stressed and needed some time to be somewhere else. well…

ombar chocolate

ombar raw chocolate | gluten free reviews

chocolate again! i do eat other things, i promise. my first experience of trying raw chocolate was at a weekend:in event. i think it was matcha and rose flavoured? anyway, it was delicious and so full of depth and flavour. since then, for whatever…


the small things | 25

i like that this is my 25th ‘the small things‘ post on the 25th day of the month. things like that are satisfying. here’s to many more. i hope i can encourage at least one person reading these to appreciate the small things that…

home decor

my indoor houseplants – plant tour, tips, and info

peace lily (spathiphyllum) | croton (codiaeum variegatum) this post has been a long time coming, and since i started preparing it i even have a couple new plants, oops. i’ve named all the plants pictured and (hopefully) got the latin names right too. sometimes…