reasons to be happy

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reasons to be happy

sometimes you need a little reminding of the little (or big) things that make you happy. and sometimes just looking at those things written down can make you feel better too, because you’re thinking in a more positive way.

i’m a pessimist at heart, and i suffer from depression, but even just thinking about things that make me feel good will make me feel better, even if i can’t be doing them  at the time. kind of like the good sort of nostalgia that isn’t full of longing and impossibilities.

instead of just writing a list i thought i’d make something a little more colourful and share it too. obviously these aren’t all the things that make me happy, and there’s probably some more ones that are more meaningful to me, but these were the first things that popped into my head.

what things make you happy?

what i wore – heart print dress

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dress // next via charity shop

i’m kind of having a ‘moment’ with heart prints/patterns lately. i don’t know where it’s come from, but i’m just finding myself drawn to them. particularly cute ditsy ones like this. i mean, a ditsy pattern, on a navy tea dress? how could i not. and it has a collar so i can wear a sweater over it in the cooler months. also, not often i find something button fronted that doesn’t produce that horrible gap in the bust, but still fits nicely as well. so yeah, i guess you could say i really like this dress!

ps. please ignore the totally wonky last photo, i didn’t even see how askew the radiator was!

snapshots of my week – 24th july

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this was one of those weeks where i had lots of plans, and lots to do of course i was ill for the first half of it! just a stomach bug, which luckily passed quite quickly. so, i didn’t really take any photos, and didn’t get much video (as i had planned to anyway) so, another short and sweet post! hopefully next week will be busier and go more to plan.

how was your week?

cancer illustration for myself magazine

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cancer horoscope illustration by laura redburn

my cancer horoscope collage for magazine. i felt a bit stuck with this one at first, but with a bit of moving things around, i think it came together well. still think gemini is my favourite so far though! next month is leo. if you’ve not seen it, check out my collage for taurus, too. i think when i’ve finished them all, and they’re all out i’ll compile them together. will be interesting to see the connection between them all!

if you like what you see, i am available for commissions. get in touch and let’s work together!

cancer zodiac illustration by laura redburn