polly collage & pattern | new work

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polly collage by laura redburn

polly notebook by laura redburn

i shared this collage a while ago on instagram, and kept forgetting to share it here too. it was one of those that came together really quickly and naturally. which are my favourite kind of collage to make to be honest. i rely on instinct a lot, so when it just tells me what to do without really conciously doing so, it’s always a good thing in my eyes.
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make your own custom washi tape

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custom washi tape from wovenlabelhk

close up of scissor print washi tape
one of my dreams for quite some time has been to have some custom washi tape made with one (or more) of my designs on. washi tape has been a big thing in the UK now (originating in japan) and pretty much since it became a thing here it’s been something i’ve wanted to do.

so, when wovenlabel contacted me to do just this you can bet i was excited! i had recently made my bisect collages and knew those scissors would be just perfect on something like this! the process is easy, just choose your required width and amount of rolls, then you upload your design – they provide a template for your required width. this bit was super quick and easy, and providing your design is quite simple, it shouldn’t take too long to arrange on the template as they just need a short length that they repeat for 10m.
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mysteries of the universe & x factor | new collages

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mysteries of the universe collage by laura redburn

feels like it’s been a while since i shared something! i made these recently after a burst of inspiration and i have a few more collages to share soon too. i personally prefer to spread them out on the blog, but if you want to see a quick shot just after i’ve made something, i often share on instagram stories and/or on my main feed.
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snapshots of my week – 7th july

snapshots, photography by

shadows on blue

diagonal shadows on blue

my fatigue this week has been ridiculously bad. sometimes i’ll have a short period where i’ll have a little burst of energy, but then i feel even more tired than before. no matter how much i rest physically (and try to, mentally) it doesn’t seem to help and over the week my body has gotten more and more lifeless. there’s been a few times where it physically hurts to even move my fingers let alone do any basic things. even just sitting up and typing this is tiring me out.
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