snapshots of my week – 20th april

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peeling paint on wooden gate

ava the cat on white fluffy rug

oh boy.

so tired. you know those weeks where lots of little (and a couple of bigger) things go wrong? i’ve had a couple like that. piece by piece, not so bad. but they build up and you get frustrated. most annoyingly, though it’s something i’d rather not do, is getting a couple of teeth removed. was meant to happen last friday. had to REALLY mentally psyche myself up for that. but then it turns out my appointment was another consultation. so it just really drained me after. luckily, i’m having it done this tuesday, so not too long to wait. this whole process has taken well over a year!!
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charity shop finds | 6

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collection of plants

charity shop finds!

it’s been a while. not intentionally, but i got overwhelmed by the thought of taking photos. not sure why. so, i’ve decided to just take a couple photos of some more recent finds, and start again from here.

i do share my charity shop finds on instagram stories from time to time, but for those who don’t see them, what better reason to start doing these posts again? i seem to get a fair bit of traffic from people searching for these kinds of posts too.
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hippeas crisps | gluten free reviews

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hippeas sweet & smokin' crisps

if there is one non essential (yet completely essential) fact you need to know about me, it’s that i LOVE crisps. i just love the texture and the crunch and the savoury flavour. since being diagnosed with coeliac disease, there’s a few favourites i’ve had to cut out. which means i have a totally justifiable reason to try lots of new crisps to make up for it right? that’s what i’m going with.

anyway, the awesome folks at hippeas sent me a big box of their organic chickpea puffs to try. i’m quite picky and a lot of ‘puffy’ crisps either tend to be too soggy to too dry. reader, these are JUST RIGHT. they’re so, so full of flavour, but not in an overwhelming way. they’ve got a good crunch but not too harsh. there’s a good amount in each bag and if it matters to you, they’re also vegan and full of protein. and no, they don’t taste of chickpeas (which i adore by the way).
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