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print and pattern nature book review

print & pattern nature* – £19.99

if ever there was a book made for me, it’s this. full of colourful nature based patterns by various creatives, print and pattern: nature is a pattern lovers dream. this is the latest in the print & pattern series of books, previous ones include geometric and kids. it has the same layout as the previous books, with the initialled headings (in squared diamonds in this instance), brief bio and a page or two showing the work of the artists. as before, there’s a mix of quarter and full page pieces, so there’s a bit of visual variety when you’re flicking through.

print and pattern book: atelier bingo

swan and floral pattern

it’s hard to write a review of this without comparing it to the other books, but it’s equally as good when it comes to the work covered. the quality as always is excellent, the images are crisp, vibrant and well reproduced. though i would love if there was a little more variety in styles. whilst it’s good that everything fits together and flows, perhaps it would be nice to see something a bit ‘out of the ordinary’. it’s hard to put into words, and it’s probably down to personal taste. by no means a put-down on the book or the artists, i like pretty much every piece within it, which i definitely can’t say the same of, for other books i own!

spring-like floral pattern

print and pattern nature book

bold and colourful floral pattern

midcentury inspired pattern

print and pattern nature book: yellow florals

as before, there are many names i recognise and a few that i’ve never heard of, so it’s going to be a good source of discovering new artists and illustrators (and probably searching for them on instagram!). as a pattern maker and lover myself, books like this are a constant source of inspiration, and a wonderfully visual pick-me-up if i feel creatively fatigued.

print & pattern nature is an excellent addition to the ‘print & pattern’ series of books, and i can’t wait to see what comes next! if you’re as obsessed with nature based patterns as i am you will absolutely love this book, and even if you aren’t, i’m sure there’s a little something in there for all.

bulletin magazine cover | new collage

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bulletin magazine collage by laura redburn

it’s always good to see your work (and name) in print, but especially when it’s on the cover of something, so exciting! i was commissioned late last year to do a cover for ‘bulletin’, the magazine for the royal college of speech and language therapists.

as i’ve never done a cover before (well, one time years ago i entered and won a competition for a local magazine for a front cover design, but that wasn’t paid) it was naturally quite daunting initially. once i’d gotten over that, and gotten on with it, it was pretty much like making any other piece of work. like most creatives i know, i still have that natural fear of failure – but most times that actually spurs me on to make my work better. sometimes you need that push!

i did three rough designs, of which this was the third and chosen one. it was actually the one i like the best too, which is always nice! what do you think of it?

if you’d like to commission a pattern or collage from me, for personal use, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact me via email.

bulletin magazine cover collage by laura redburn

illustration by laura redburn

close up of bulletin magazine collage illustration

sunday links | 50

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green, pink and blue stripes

i can’t believe i’ve done 50 of these! realistically i should have done more now, if i hadn’t kept forgetting about them, ha. i enjoy collecting links of things i’ve come across on my internet travels, and then sharing them with you all. i do hope you enjoy these quick little posts. as always, if you have anything interesting to share, do let me know!

// i recently discovered these pink shoes from clarks and i can’t stop thinking about how cute they are, and how they’d go with so many of my clothes

// love these boob tshirts from hiedra (.) (.)

// have you heard of risotto studio? if not, you will love it. anyway, the founder, gabriella has done some pretty fantastic work, like these façades for inverness library. i adore her colourful, graphic style.

// talking of risotto studio, and tshirts, if boobs aren’t your thing you will love this ‘rib‘ tshirt. oh my.

// loved reading this story from illustrator rose blake (daughter of peter) on riding through the hollywood hills with david hockney. i would like to leave you with the last paragraph of this, as it is something i feel wholeheartedly.

“It was a totally sensory experience, a living work of art, and even as a child I was aware of this. It was about light, landscape, colour, music, time passing and, above all, the pleasure of really looking. Hockney believed in this pleasure more than anyone. As we drove through the rolling hills he said: “Looking at the world is good for you. The world is very beautiful when you look at it. As the sun set and the music crescendoed, I realised this drive was about being alive, being in the moment and being a tiny human being in this big beautiful world.”