my indoor houseplants – plant tour, tips, and info

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croton plant on g f smith book

peace lily (spathiphyllum) | croton (codiaeum variegatum)

close up of maranta

this post has been a long time coming, and since i started preparing it i even have a couple new plants, oops. i’ve named all the plants pictured and (hopefully) got the latin names right too. sometimes it helps using those when looking to buy, as well as just learning more about your plants.

there’s a few plants not pictured here. amazon sword, rubber plant, another couple of ferns, my new maidenhair fern, a couple of snake plants and probably a few more. there’s definitely a few plants i have on my wish list as well, but i need either more money or more room. patience!

i thought i’d talk about where i’ve bought my plants and pots, some care tips, and that sort of thing. if you have any questions ask away and i’ll do my best to answer! i sense i may forget to add some things, so this post may be updated from time to time with extra tips, places to buy and the like.

boston fern and tiger paw begonia

tiger paws begonia | spoon jade (crassula portulacea) | sword fern (nephrolepis exaltata)

parlour palm, christmas cactus, maranta and pilea

parlour palm (chamaedorea elegans) | christmas cactus (schlumbergera) | maranta tricolor (maranta leuconeura) | pilea peperomioides

maidenhair fern in pot

maidenhair fern (adiantum aethiopicum)


where to buy plants:

firstly i’m listing places where i’ve bought from, then i’ll add in some online  shops, plant subscriptions, and etcetera.
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snapshots of my week – 16th june

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close up of pink peony

i have what feels like a million and one things to do next week. nothing particularly stressful, and some actually semi enjoyable, but the kind of things that are just t i m e  c o n s u m i n g, and i know i’m going to have a never ending to do list.

my brain has been feeling the ol’ brain fog big time this week. even my usual reliable ritual of writing things down, setting reminders, and alarms isn’t working. i’ve always been forgetful and can space out quite easily but it feels like my brain has just been off somewhere i’m not privy to. i’m semi used to feeling like this, hence having methods to not forget even the simplest of tasks, but it can just make you feel so stupid and useless.
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project calm magazine | new work

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project calm magazine

interview with me in project calm magazine

it’s always exciting to have my work in a magazine. especially as one of my goals for the year was to get my work out in the ‘real world’ a bit more. and even more especially as this feature also includes an interview!

i’ve been a fan of project calm magazine for a while now, so i was so happy to be asked to contribute. there’s a strong focus on colour in this issue, which obviously is right up my alley! if you want to read the interview you’ll have to buy the issue yourself, but i wanted to at least show you the layout. i think it looks ace! never going to get used to seeing a photo of my face in a magazine, though.
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do it for you | positive quotes #3 | new work

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do it for you by laura redburn

another positive quote for fritha’s newsletter!

i always enjoy taking some time to make these, and this one has been no exception. i wanted to make something graphic and cute, without being cutesy. which is totally my style. i just had to go with my favourite colour combination here (pink and blue) too. the stars were a final touch to unify it a bit as well as soften it.
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