snapshots of my week – 2nd december

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shadow of plants climbing over trellis

leaves poking over wall

my brain feels a bit empty this week, or, at least right now. i’ve actually been really productive and gotten loads of things done i’ve been putting off, as well as making some new work and coming up with plans and ideas, but it seems to come in bursts, in between which it feels like my brain just switches off.

in the past few months i feel like my brain has gone through some inperceiveable shift, like a switch somewhere was turned off and i find it really hard to focus and remember things well. i’ve had this brain fogginess before and i know that if it clears again it’ll inevitably reappear, but it’s intensely frustrating. i know there’s a better more function-able version of myself in there and it’s like it’s fighting to get out but ultimately giving up.

it’s hard to explain but i know there are others that go through this. brains and bodies are very strange aren’t they.

yellow autumn tree

half and half bush

yellow door with leaded windowpinky red hydrangea

tree over roof

close up of foil

pink red shadow wall

half pink wall

strawberry shortcake smoothie

pink papers and stickers

the small things | 6

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close up of ivy leaf

– i’ve said this one before – but people being kind to me, it means the world
– having a few nights sleeping straight through, this is a real rarity for me and even if i’m still feeling ill, depressed or anything else, it still makes a difference
– finding a lovely new scent (jade, from miss patisserie) it has all my favourite things of a fragrance – bergamot, floral, and slightly powdery/musky. it smells so similar to my custom floris fragrance, which i adore, so a spritz of this takes me back to that lovely experience.
– taking photos, always. always.
– stroking my boyfriends hair when he’s asleep. it fills me with love and happiness. also he hates his hair being touched so i feel a little cheeky too, ha!
– after years of searching, finding my dream crochet blanket
– having moments of clarity
– getting things done, especially when i’ve been putting them off
– when certain pains go away after days/weeks/months of having them
– very brief moments of forgetting i have tinnitus
– autumn/winter sun, and more specifically when there’s a chilly breeze – but being all wrapped up

a weekend in

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logs and foliage at the chickenshed

i’ve said a few times recently that i feel a bit ‘stuck’ at the moment. though i know it’ll take time and effort for that feeling to dissipate, there are times or experiences that definitely help me feel i’ve gone forward a bit, or at least recharged me for another part of lifes journey.

one such thing was last sunday, an event called weekend:in at the chickenshed in trelleck, monmouth, put together by olivia tripp. i don’t think there was a person there that didn’t leave feeling inspired, enthused and generally better for having been there. it was truly wonderful and by far one of the best events i’ve been to. and what a stunning location too!

view from the chickenshed

foliage posey and map

the event was on over the whole weekend, so some people got to stay the night, and a few others (like me) just attended one day. whilst there was plenty of time to chat and eat, there were three workshops to get our juices flowing. which segues nicely onto the first, which was from the juice collective who are cold press juice company based in bath. i enjoyed sampling their range, and there were even a few i liked which i wasn’t expecting to. always pleasant to be surprised.

before lunch we got to do a little styling with some boots from seven boot lane along the theme of ‘hygge’ it was such fun to set up little cosy scenes and i loved watching everyone be so creative with this. i chose the idaho boots and you can see mine and lauras setup below. loved the logs in the background!

fluffy rug on charcoal grey floor

seven boot lane boots

styling a photo from capture by lucy

a little hygge scene

also just before lunch we got to play (aka make flatlays) with some stationery from ohh deer. loved all the botanicals, so pretty! who can resist a bit a bit of stationery eh?

stationery from ohh deer

willy chase's popcorn

dinner table at weekend:in

cheese and chutney selection

bakewell from pinkmans bakery

dinner was simple but absolutely delicious – in the form of a spread so we could pick and choose what we wanted. i definitely had lots of spinach salad and hummus. though i shouldn’t eat gluten containing products (as i’ve said before, i do a up to a couple times a year as there never seems to be any ill effect from it), but this a m a z i n g bakewell from pinkmans bakery was absolutely worth it. so soft and moist and flavoursome and ..oh my goodness.

pens, pencils and paintbrushes

foliage flatlay at weekend:in

finally we had a watercolour workshop from wildflower illustration co where we got to make our own illustrated christmas cards and tags. as i know how to use watercolours i didn’t need any help, but i really enjoyed it as i’ve not done any painting for a while now! always forget how relaxing it is. her table setup was fantastic too and really helped to immerse you in the process of painting christmassy bits.

wildflower illustration co workshop

it was truly a wonderful day and i wish i could experience it all over again. won’t be forgetting it for a very long time though. i will say however i’m slightly annoyed with myself for not taking more photos/video clips, but i was so immersed by chatting that i got distracted! if you want to see more of the fantastic interior of the chickenshed, their site is linked above.

i’ll be doing a quick post soon with what we received in our gift bags too, as they were fantastic and i want to share the love just a little bit more!

thank you and well done to olivia for putting on something so wonderful and inspiring.