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new collage – a step in time

a step in time - collage by laura redburn

two collages in a short amount of time, what’s this? ha, as i said before i seem to have gotten my collage mojo back, so there’ll definitely be more collages on the blog in the foreseeable future. i’ve also been working on some for a commission, so they will be up when i’m allowed to show them. you’re on the edge of your seat, i know ;)

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organising art supplies

orla kiely pots
over the past year i’ve been making much more of an effort to be organised, and making sure that what i need is to hand.  i’ve always been a bit of an ‘organised chaos’ type of person (chaos is a bit excessive a word!) so it’s not been a huge stretch to properly organise things in my life. i’ve gotten rid of some things i simply don’t need anymore and simplified other things such as storage items.

orla kiely plant pots with pens and pencils in
organising art supplies

orla kiely plant pots c/o flamingo gifts

one of the things i needed to simplify was the storage/organisation of my art supplies. specifically my pens, pencils, crayons and smaller paintbrushes. i’ve previously had them in various cups and jars but i knew i could organise them better. thanks to these orla kiely plant pots, i now have just what i needed!

yes, they are plant pots, but as soon as i saw them i knew they’d be perfect to hold my pens and related items. although made to hold herbs, they are fantastic for organising pens, pencils and paintbrushes due to their generous size and design. i think they’re made from enamel too, so i know they’ll last a long time. in addition to that i just absolutely love orla kiely designs, so if nothing else ..they look cute!

sunday spark

sunday links // 23

pink roses behind garden wall
// these simple tips for success by adam j kurtz are fantastic.

// these orla x clarks shoes are SO CUTE and i kind of need them for summer. best get saving!

// i always want everything from rose and grey, but i really want a retro barber/menu board. some old friends had one and i used to love making up words on it, and i’ve wanted one since.

// lately i have been loving watching fran meneses videos, and if you like funny and creative people i bet you will too.

// i’m generally not a huge fan of unicorns and glitter and such like, but i love these photos/this colab by tasya kudryk & lesia paramonova on the jealous curator.

ps. from now on i’m changing the title of sunday spark to ‘sunday links’. all the old posts will stay and will still be tagged as sunday spark :)