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mini collage zine

boden mini zine
recently i found myself looking at various zines online (as i often do, actually) and suddenly felt super inspired and wanted to make something for myself. i've actually wanted to make a 'proper' zine for years, and i don't know why i haven't yet. hopefully doing this will spur me into action! i happened to have a boden catalogue right next to me, so i cut out some bits i liked and got started.

this is a great way to get into making quick collages without getting bogged down thinking too much, and since i've been having a little bit of a block when it comes to collage making lately, this has been a huge help! the whole thing took me about half an hour and was easy and productive! win/win!

i even made a little video so you can see the collages i created. check it out -

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sunday spark // 13

poppy and cow parsley
// awesome, colourful, graphic memphis style work from peter judson. i love it so much! i especially love this southwark piece. those colours, ahh!

// i can't remember exactly when i came across this shop, but it must have been a few years ago as there was a link buried deep in my bookmarks. it pays (not literally, and often the opposite because you find awesome things you want to buy) to have a sort through sometimes! i LOVE this vintage pendant necklace but it's sadly sold. so amazing. also i am quite smitten with this super cute red pom pom dress too.

// if you're a small business these tips for packing orders post from harriet gray are useful.

// as is, your go to place for p-d-f'in. super useful and i love those icons.

// aren't these embroidered animals by chloe giordano totally swoonworthy? they're like paintings with thread!

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new pattern - ternion

these patterns have been made from a photo i took in college (some time between 2006 and 2008) of some collage pieces i was intending to make some typographic pieces with. maybe i will show that one day if i can find the files!

i suddenly felt inspired when looking at the photo, and decided to make a pattern with it. i actually have a few more ideas of pattern variations, but these are what i liked best. i did a couple of dress mockups too. what do you think? i really want the one on the left! if i can afford fabric one day, maybe i will make it.

i will make a dress with one of my designs on it some day, some how!

ternion orange

ternion blue

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