snapshots of my week – 2nd october

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silver ragwort

right on cue, it started feeling properly autumnal on the last day of september. there was a chill in the air and i started to notice a lot of trees shedding their leaves. like a lot of people, autumn is my favourite season, espeically the early parts where it’s still bright and sunny, but the chilly air means i can wear cardigans and tights again. i’m all about the cardigans and tights.

on monday was my boyfriends birthday, but he had to work late that day so we celebrated (aka ate loads of biscuits and chocolate) a bit later on in the week. i of course made him open his presents as soon as possible though! why is it so exciting seeing someone do that?

i’ve also been busy with some collage making, but annoyingly i can’t show any of it yet. soon my pretties, soooon. i’m always on the hunt for new work though, so if you want to comission me to illustrate for you, get in touch!

i’m pretty proud of my video this week. i didn’t do much of interest to be honest, but i just think it looks nice and it’s really encouraged me to keep going and making more.

how was your week?

an event at london graphic centre

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pencils arranged neatly on pink background

firstly, i want to say how nice it was to attend an event specifically for creative bloggers. there really needs to be more of this sort of thing, and around the UK too (wales too, as most people seem to forget it exist it seems)! if you’re on twitter you can find some wonderful creative bloggers with the #cbloggers hashtag. there’s also a chat every thursday at 8.30 GMT if you want to join in! please do :)

okay, so, i was a rubbish blogger and completely forgot to take any photos at the event (apart from one of liz), buuuut i did do some video clips which you can see in my most recent snapshots of my week video. i really wanted to take photos of all the lovely bloggers attending, as well as all the *glorious* stationery and art supplies, but, to be totally honest i got totally distracted by chatting to people.

the event was essentially to tell us about their new tote, designed by staff member alex and was inspired by the very well known magritte image ‘ceci n’est pas une pipe’ aka ‘this is not a pipe’. i think it’s clever and simple and fits very well with the london graphic brand. we all received one of the totes, filled with some pretty fantastic stationery, from brands such as staedtler, letraset, caran d’ache, mt, derwent and more.

there were some mini workshops set up, such as screen printing, colouring and stamping, as well as plenty of drinks and nibbles. we also got to try some new winsor and newton pens, but they’re a bit hush hush at the moment, so we can’t discuss more!

if you’re a creative student (and live in or can get to the covent garden store) you don’t need to miss out! on the 6th october they’re holding a student event where you too can get your hands on a new tote filled with goodies with every purchase AND a 15% discount! how ace is that?

thank you to london graphic centre for giving us this opportunity to meet up with creative bloggers, and i hope we can all meet again!

ps. head over to natasha’s blog for a list of all the bloggers that attended, and check them all out too.

stationery arrangement

london graphic centre new tote bag - this is not a pencil


book review – audrey hepburn a life in pictures

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audrey hepburn a life in pictures book review

i’m going to openly admit that i haven’t seen all of audrey’s films, i knew very little about her life, and i mostly bought this book for the photos.

the book is quite small – a bit bigger than a5, but it’s a good sturdy hardcover book and is choc-full of almost 200 pages of photos. at the beginning is an intro into her young life, her films, personal life and her charity work. this is seperated into short paragraphs and is easy to digest. it’s actually quite in depth considering it’s only about 15 pages long. it has encouraged me to learn a bit more about her though, especially her charity work.

audrey hepburn book intro

photo of audrey hepburn on turquoise background

audrey under hair dryer, smoking

audrey hepburn on yellow background

from what i can tell it’s in chronological order ..well, there’s a picture of her as a girl to begin with, and some older photos at the back. the pictures are mostly promotional photos, behind the scenes shots and some more personal ones. they’re absolutely wonderful to look though.

there’s a good mixture of colour to black and white. they’re good quality and they fit the page well. it would be lovely to see these in a bigger book, or as prints. each photo has a short caption with the year of the photo and where it was from (from a specific film for example).

interspersed throughout the book are pages with quotes from audrey, and those that knew her. i like the format of these and feel they work well within the book. they kind of break it up a bit, but it would work equally well without them.

audrey hepburn a life in pictures

audrey hepburn and albert finney

older audrey hepburn

whether you’re a big fan of audrey, or just want some nice photos to look at (and possibly want to learn a little about her) – i think most people would enjoy audrey: a life in pictures. it would make a fantastic birthday or christmas present, or a little treat for yourself!

snapshots of my week – 25th september

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ooh my birthday is in a month! that feels like ages away right now though.

this week has definitely been more eventful than the previous couple, but mostly because i went to london for a bloggers event at london graphics centre. will post about that soon! that was in the evening, so before that i met the wonderful liz mosley for a cuppa and a chat.

before that i met with my dad for a bit of food and quick visit to the national portrait gallery. it would have been nicer to have spent longer in there (and taken some sneaky photos – got a video clip of some busts though) but i only had an hour and a bit to spare.

need some excuses to come to london more often!