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colour love - orange

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orange splat
i saw this splat walking somewhere and i had to take a photo! i know it's not the most amazing photo subject but i just liked the super bright orange as it was so unexpected. normally not a fan of neon at all but i'll excuse it this time!

i just want to say i am so glad i changed to using my own photographs for my colour love posts. i feel so much more excited about it rather than sometimes struggling to find loads of items of a certain colour i liked. i feel like i can be much more creative this way, and i get to improve my photography at the same time. double win!

how do you feel about orange? i have been so many people talking about the korres lip butter in mango, and it looks great. i want to try a more orange toned lipstick, but i'm too afraid to take the plunge. something like that is much more subtle, but saying that i'd probably try a coral-orange lipstick too. i very rarely will wear orange, but i could totally see myself using this super cute fruity bag. so cute.

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15 things you didn't know about me

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what i wore
as i was writing these, i realised they're quite (overwhelmingly, almost) negative things. i want my blog to be a place of positivity - not in a fake 'everything is okay, let's just gloss over any negativity' way - but i like to share more personal things from time to time. it's important to feel a sense of connection and relatability i think. i have no problem with talking about my issues, but i don't want to be that person that just goes on and on. so, here's 15 things you didn't know about me:

1 - when i was younger i was convinced i was a ghost. i felt lonely and invisible a lot and my brain just concluded that as a logical thing.

2 - i am really scared of balloons. they totally freak me out. just thinking about them makes me feel horrible. see also: people dressed in animal costumes.

3 - when i was little i also was convinced for a short while my mother was an alien and/or she wasn't my real mother. there's... issues with her.

4 - i hate being the centre of attention. i used to cry when people sang happy birthday to me because people were looking at me and it made me anxious.

5 - i wanted to be called daisy. so glad i grew out of that one!

6 - i am scared of escalators and can't go up or down stationary stairs unless there's something (or someone) to hold onto. my balance issues combined with a fear of heights doesn't help.

7 - i have what i always thought was hypochondria, but recently found it's not. i don't know if there's a name for it. basically, i have a irrational fear of death or injury. i think about it a lot but i try not to let it affect me. having depression and anxiety doesn't help, and most likely contributes. sometimes i feel so stupid because it's so irrational. some examples - i can't be in the same room as a washing machine when it's on because i fear it's going to explode and some part is going to kill me. same with microwaves. if i walk under a bridge i think it's going to collapse on me. if anyone else has this, please let me know so i don't think i'm totally crazy.

8 - i basically have the hips of an old woman. it gets painful.

9 - my favourite flowers are poppies.

10 - i have a stationery addiction. i see this is a good thing! pens, paper, etc make me a weird kind of happy.

11 - i always wanted to be a physicist, particularly an astrophysicist. i gave up on that dream pretty early though as i am awful at maths and i don't think my brain has the capacity for all that info!

12 - i hate when people go out of their way to impress me. just be yourself.

13 - i sneeze at least 10-15 times a day, every day (pretty much) since i was really young. when i was 15 or so i had some..thing where for a bit over a week i sneezed almost constantly. it made me really ill and i couldn't eat. one day during it my dad took me for a drive and he counted me doing 50 or more sneezes in one 'go'. i often fear this weird sneezing thing will come back and hope it never does!

14 - i hate routine and i am awful at making decisions.

15 - i can't swim.


snapshots of my week - 19th july

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ava licky
i could honestly watch this gif of ava forever. it's just so satisfying to see that cute little tongue! i've been seriously getting into gif-making lately. the technical aspect of it is relatively easy, but it's time consuming and i've quickly come to realise certain things work better than others.

i've been working on making some cinemagraphs too - they're kind of like a gif, but more like a subtle moving picture ..if that makes sense? either way i'm sure you'll be seeing moving images here from time to time.

scissors, lavender, leaf
on that note i've been going out and filming little clips of flowers in the breeze, and anything like that, that catches my eye. i've learned in this short time it's better (easier) to use things that aren't moving too much if you want it to loop easily. any gif/cinemagraph makers out there have any tips? if so, let me know! naturally i always want to take a bit of nature home with me so i plucked a bit of lavender poking out of someones garden.

i also found an amazingly vibrant pink bush of hydrangea. always makes me happy to see so much of it this time of year! you may have already seen this if you follow me on instagram. also, does anyone think hydrangeas are becoming a 'thing' lately, or is it just the time of year?

things from jen collins
butterfly card by dianne tanner
bottle of medicine
i noticed i had a little money in my paypal, and since i rarely treat myself, i bought some lovely things from jen collins and dianne tanner. you should check them both out because they're both talented ladies. you should also give them your money for the same reason, but also because i'm pretty sure they'd appreciate that. i also found this lovely tiny little bottle in a vintage shop that's opened up on my road. i just liked the label if i'm being honest with you.

what have you been up to this week? tell, tell!