snapshots of my week – 28th august

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yellow flowers

cows parsley in tree leaves

i’m sitting here ready to type what i’ve been up to this week, to realise pretty much all i’ve done is work and go for walks! the first half of the week (as with previous weeks) has been full of rain, but the past couple of days have almost felt like real summer again, so i took full advantage and went for some nice walks. my toe is almost better again and i can walk for a couple of hours with no pain which is pretty good considering a couple months ago i could barely walk 10 minutes without cursing!

i have some new work which i’ll be showing on the here soon and i’ll try my best to actually take photos/videos when i’m working! i always forget. i did finally made a video this week though! i do try and make them a weekly thing, but sometimes i just forget to film or nothing interesting (well, to me at least) enough happens to make me want to. there were a couple more things i wanted to include in this, but will pop them in the next video instead.

sometime soon i’d like to maybe to a time-lapse video of me making a collage as i think people would like to see that. is there anything else you’d like to see from me in video format?

robin in tree

field, trees and blue sky

hovis ghost sign on brick wall


mini bedroom makeover

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side table and mirror - bedroom makeover

i was sent vouchers for the purpose of this post.

it’s amazing how just a few new things can make such a huge difference to how a room looks, isn’t it? plus a sunny day helps too! some time ago we decided to use our small dark spare room as our main room, as we found the street lights and traffic noise from the front room meant we weren’t getting the best sleep we could. of course it’s a fab room for working in as it’s by far the lightest room in the flat, but come bed time you want somewhere dark and quiet. or, well, we do.

because it’d been a spare room for so long, we’d not really done much to it other than put one of my bookshelves in there and use the extra space for letting clothes dry when it’s raining outside. glamourous, i know. thanks to homebase i had the opportunity to perk it up a bit, and it’s definitely a nicer room to be in. i still want a nice rug and some thick curtains, but it’s a lot better than it was!

side table with plant and books

selection of art and illustration books

triangle pattern bed set - bedroom makeover

succulent plants

i think the two things that make the main difference (in terms of making it feel lighter and bigger) are the mirror and bed set. the mirror is almost opposite the window, so it reflects the light coming in, and because the duvet cover is mostly white that reflects some of the light too. we only have two bed sets so having another was my main reason for getting it though! another thing that made it feel instantly better was bringing some plants and i can’t for the life of me think why i’d not done so before. i have plenty so no harm in spreading them about right? plants make everything better.

i absolutely love the side table, and so glad i got that rather than a bedside table, but saying that i might actually move it and put it by my bed instead of the plastic-y thing i have there now. the mid century feel is totally to my tastes and an affordable way to bring a bit of retro into the home.

framed vintage marie france cover

marimekko wallpaper lined baskets

this cute french marie claire cover was begging to be looked at so i got a frame for it and put it atop a stack of magazines that have my work in. i also got a couple of baskets to put ‘clutter’ in – stuff like my inhaler, sellotape …things that are useful to have to have to hand but look messy just laying about. i cut into a marimekko wallpaper sample to pop inside to make it a little nicer too (secured with spray adhesive). easiest DIY ever! i did want to spray paint the baskets a different colour but decided i like them white.

how would you make over your room if you had the chance? would you make it look brighter, add a statement piece or use some smaller bits to perk it up?

book review – charley harper: an illustrated life

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charley harper: an illustrated life book review

charley harper: an illustrated life – £16.58

if you are a charley harper fan and don’t already have this book, i can guarantee you’ll love it. if you’ve never heard of charley harper, but like colourful, geometric, clever and interesting illustrations i’m sure you’ll soon be enamoured too.

i have the bigger original 2007 version of the book, but have linked to the ‘mini’ 2011 version, which i imagine is the same, just smaller. any references in this review will refer to the version i possess. the book has 385 pages, not including the index and translated interview in the back. it’s hardcover and the colours and image reproduction are bright and clear. obviously in real life his paintings must look even better and more vibrant.

normally back covers have a blurb on, or are a bit more plain, but not here! a few more images are scattered in the pattern like way that they are on the front. the end pages are predictably delightful too.

charley harper book back cover

an illustrated life endpage with autumn leaves and ladybirds

the giant golden book of biology

the book starts off with a foreword and an interview with charley. after that comes the main part of the book, which is sectioned into publications and their dates. even this has a clean, minimal feel that fits well with his style. there’s a good selection of images in each section, and i really love how you can see how his style has developed over time, yet is still undeniably ‘charley’.

i actually first came across his work via the golden book of biology (not when it was released obviously) and have been in love with his work ever since. if i could ever have my own copy i’d be one very happy lady. his illustration earlier in his career have a bit more detail, and colour variation, compared to his work later on (his bird illustrations and ford times ones for example) which is much more minimal, with little detail and fewer colours per piece.

an illustrated life: 4 men holding a snake

charley harper: an illustrated life

charley harper - monkey eating red ants

charley harper: an illustrated life - birds

charley harper: an illustrated life

charley harper zebras

the book is absolutely chock-full of images and anyone could easily wile away a good bit of time admiring them. there’s a good mix of bigger full page images, and smaller images that share a page and i feel they’ve been laid out in a way that flows very well. charley was a very talented man who made paintings, posters and murals, all of which are featured within the book.

this book is an absolute beauty and one of my most treasured possessions. i would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone, but especially those interested in illustration, colour and/or animals and nature. one sure to stir your imagination!

(purple) things on etsy

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small purple flower on side of road

i thought purple was going to be hard to find things for (that i liked) as i’m not it’s biggest fan. turns out it wasn’t that hard! for me i think the key is vintage things, or smaller items like jewellery or using purple as an accent colour.

what do you think? is purple your thing or do you prefer a different colour on the spectrum?

here’s some favourite purple etsy picks:

galaxy print yoga leggings
purple and red vintage tea tray
scottish thistle brooch
vintage japanese kimono
purple polka dot skirt
pillbox hat with purple bow
purple rose flower crown
wedding favour coconut squares
polka dot makeup bag
harris tweed pencil case