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a week of red


collage of red items from #aweekofred instagram hashtag

since there were only 16 entries (including mine) to my first colour hashtag project on instagram, instead of choosing a couple of favourites, i thought they’d look nice all together in a collage. here’s everyone and their corresponding photos.

1 – ohheynay 2 – evanscrittenmum, 4, 7, 13 & 16 – loadofolbobbins 5 – the_bristol_parent 8 – jules_tea 9 – notquiteenough 11 – stephsayshello 3, 6, 10, 12, 14, & 15 – cardboardcities (aka me)

next week from the 1st june until the 7th, we’ll be starting on #aweekoforange and i would love you to join in! if you have any tips for promoting this kind of thing, or just want to help share the colour love, let me know! i would love to see this building up over time, and at the end sharing a huge collage of all the shared photos. wouldn’t that be fantastic?

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(red) things on etsy


polka dot and striped red scarf

despite red not being a favourite colour, i often find myself inexplicably drawn to it. is it some primal human thing, or am i just denying myself a little red indulgence? i particularly like red when it comes to home decor. not as in red walls, curtains or carpets, but more so when it comes to the more decorative elements. red vases, crockery and lamps? yes please.

here are some favourite red picks from etsy:

embroidered coin purse
check print pencil skirt
red heart brooch
polka dot cup and saucer
olivetti lettera typewriter
industrial wall lamp
vintage enamel pitcher/vase
i love you… card
chunky wool beanie
faceted wooden vase

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camellia in black and white


black and white photo of camelia

a while ago, whilst out on a photo walk, i found a camelia on the ground. it looked so lovely that i couldn’t just leave it there, and i knew snapping a quick photo wouldn’t do it justice. so i took it home, laid it on my favourite silver tray and took these. at one point i picked it up and it fell apart, so its time was short but sweet.

close up black and white photo of camelia
black and white photo of camelia
black and white camelia
photo of flower broken into pieces

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book review – print and pattern geometric


print and pattern geometric by bowie style
well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? i’ve wanted to bring back book reviews for some time now, but other things just kept getting in the way. most of the time these posts will be reviews, but from time to time it may be more of a ‘i love this book and i want to show it to you’ type post.

i love books so much, especially visual ones to be used for inspiration. i’d love to make one myself some day, but that’s another story.

so anyway, i’m bringing back the book reviews, every other week as before. we’re starting back with print and pattern geometric by bowie style.

geometric illustration by alexander purdy
pattern by edu barba
this book appeals to my senses for many reasons, but mostly because of the patterns (..obviously) and how colourful and varied it is.  looking through the book there’s so many different kinds of geometric pattern to feast your eyes on. there’s a lot of retro style patterns, vector patterns, hand painted patterns name it, it’s there.

the book is well laid out and easy to navigate. each designers section is in alphabetical order, and titled with their initials, fittingly portrayed with geometric vector letters. it adds a special touch, and i think it’s very unique. their full name is listed, as well as sites and shops, and below that each designer has a little bio.
esther cox
blue and white pattern by jessica nielsen

print and pattern geometric is nice and weighty, being 303 pages long and promises to be relevant and inspiring for many years to come. i think this is the best of the print and pattern books so far, and i hope any that come in the future are as good as this. regardless, i’ll be buying.

even if you’re not an textile designer, illustrator or pattern maker yourself, i can highly recommend this book to fill your heart with colour and pattern.