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blog love: part 1

blog love - creative and unique blogs to follow
i love sharing, and helping (in whatever way) to widen the audiences of blogs and people i love. like sharing colourful creatives on instagram or creatives on twitter. it makes me happy to read blogs, look at amazing photography and other creative things. people are amazing!

i'm going to be honest, i am totally picky with the blogs i follow. i am always open to finding and reading new (to me) blogs and sometimes find some absolute corkers, but when it comes to following i only do so if i know i'm going to be reading every single post and/or if i just absolutely love and am inspired by the person writing and creating.

so without further ado, i will be sharing with you some of my favourite blogs (in no particular order). i'll be back soon to share more.

kris atomic - i love her illustrations (a lot) and her photography is amazing too. her content is quite varied but tends to focus on her work, travels and fashion.

the jealous curator - danielle is pretty darn amazing. as well as her fantastic blog that focuses on art/illustration she has recently released two books creative block and collage. i have them both and they are wonderfully inspiring.

tigerlilly quinn - a colour loving lady after my own heart! frithas' blog is about interiors, parenting and general lifestyle. she also runs a super colourful shop (shameless plug: you can get 10% off with the code 'cardboard10') full to the brim with illustrated goodies for you and the home.

mermaidens - kailey is the dreamiest babe ever, and she is super sweet to go with it. her blog focuses on fashion and makeup and i'm always excited to see new posts from her.

the private life of a girl - sophie is one of my favourite people (that i've not actually met), so it's only natural i love her blog too. it used to be mostly beauty focussed, but it's a little bit of everything now including fashion, books, travels, tips for bloggers and creatives ..and much more.

scraps of us - i love this simple blog that is mostly photography based, but within that caroline shares little bits of her family, the beach, nature, and crafts. her 'collections' fill me with happiness.

take courage - swoonworthy photography and from time to time, a bit of escapism. perfect for inspiration and to see some lovely places.

last minute christmas shopping

black and white christmas wishlist

...or some things to get with christmas money! i have been loving black and white lately - specifically together rather than separately - and i would love to bring more of it into my home. i just find myself drawn to it in the same way as my favourite colours (turquoise and pink) and i love that it's so versatile.

if you're a lover of monochrome or minimalism you can keep it super simple and add some interest with vintage pieces, or you can go bold and have black and white along with colour. the items i've chosen for this little shopping guide are home/decor based, as they would get much more use than a pair of christmas socks or a novelty item!

i am totally imagining every single one of these items in my home, and i know exactly where they would go. so ...honestly, i kind of made this as a wishlist for myself, but i know some people reading this will be just as excited by that horse as me, and want that rug to adorn their floor!

* this post is in association with house of fraser - all words my own.