geometric dress love + £30 gift card giveaway

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wallis petite fit and flare dress

wallis petite geometric pattern dress – ℅ house of fraser

it’s been a while since i’ve done a fashion/outfit post eh? i kept meaning to, but things always got in the way, or the weather was awful. i really want to do more on the blog this year (and/or some on instagram too) so i thought this would be a fantastic dress to start with.

i will start doing ‘proper’ posts again soon with me actually wearing the clothes so you can see what they look like on me/a person. but as you know, taking photos of yourself isn’t always that easy! i need to find someone local that i feel comfortable with taking some photos because my boyfriend takes the most unflattering photos of me i’ve ever seen.

anyhow, let’s talk about this dress! it’s *so* me. three quarter length sleeves, knee length, geometric print, a bit of coral pink and a fit and flare shape? oh yes.

i also want to mention i that i love when petite clothes come in ‘bigger’ sizes too. i know i say this all the time, but just because someone is petite in the height/general frame department, it doesn’t mean they don’t also have big boobs/bums/hips/tum. because i’m short, petite clothing fits me a lot better but SO MANY brands only do their petite range up to a size 12. and i know many people that are in this exact situation.

ps. if you want to win £30 to spend at house of fraser, keep on reading…

close up of geometric pattern dresswallis petite dress
full length wallis petite fit and flare dress

i LOVE geometric patterns on clothing, so this jumped out to me immediately. i love that it (the pattern) has a slight midcentury look to it too, which, yes, ticks yet another box. i’m pattern obsessed in everyday life, so i’m typically not one for plain clothing either.

anyway on to the giveaway! would you like £30 to spend at house of fraser  on a lovely patterned dress or other item of clothing? if so, all you have to do is tell me what you’d spend your £30 voucher on! easy huh? the giveaway is open for 2 weeks, and the winner will be picked randomly. good luck!

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sunday links | 48

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shattered glass reflection

it’s sunday! here are some links for you to check out. by the way, if you have anything awesome you’d like me to share here, or have generally seen anything interesting/funny/strange/thought provoking, do let me know.

// this colourful guide to copenhagen is fantastic, and definitely something i’d follow along with. i *really* want to travel this year and copenhagen is definitely one on the list of places i want to visit.

// have you seen capture by lucy’s backdrops? aren’t they fantastic! i really want the white floorboards one.

// i’m sure you will have seen women who draw by now, but if not you should certainly check it out if you want to help/commission any female identifying illustrators.

// i recently discovered the peanut vendor and i basically want everything.

// absolutely LOVE these photos from juul kraijer. be warned, there are snakes/bugs.

snapshots of my week – 6th january

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peeling posters in roath

yellow pencil graffiti

just like that the first week of january is almost done. the one thing i do like about the calendar starting over is the curiousness of what the year will bring. of course, this does still apply throughout the rest of the year too. i don’t do resolutions (i do have goals, but they’re ongoing or ones i set throughout the year) so, for me, the new year brings a renewed sense of ..i wouldn’t necessarily say positivity, more ..curiosity. no matter how much you plan, you truly never know where life will take you. which is both exciting and scary.

there’s many things i’ve missed out on talking about and other things i need and want to take photos of, but for now this’ll do. also a long overdue video!

do you have any goals or plans for the year? do you prefer to keep them secret or put them out into the world? i think i’m a mix of the two. let me know!

terazzo floor on wellfield road

green window on side of house

cathays cemetery church steeple

pink stone wall

shattered window and reflection