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sunday links is back! i have no idea why i let it languish so long, as i always enjoyed putting together these posts of things i’ve found around the internet. let’s get straight back into it…

// really enjoyed these close ups of leaves. so much variety! i’ve wanted to do something similar for a while, actually.

// lianne williams gives some tips on how to turn followers into clients. social media is such an important and useful tool for creatives!

// love this ‘reaching hands’ necklace from bonbi forest. love things with hands on, but especially jewellery.

// an interview with the lovely natasha nuttall on ‘we blog design’. do you follow her on youtube? you should.

// some very useful tips on how to be a successful freelancer.

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snapshots of my week – 30th april

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as a whole, i have not been fond of this week. to be completely vague, it has been utterly depressing and rubbish and i’m SO glad it’s pretty much done with. may had better be an improvement or i may just lose it.

saying this, i know i have a few hospital appointments ahead of me, but that aside i have my hopes up! or, trying to think more positively at least.

despite the awfulness, there’s definitely been a couple good things too, including: snow (in april, what the?! but it was so out of place that it was ..entertaining?), an amazing sunset, creative mornings talk in town (in the old library), ava getting very excited over a toy mouse and so much blossom.

sadly the good hasn’t outweighed the bad but it’s definitely helped me keep my sanity intact!

what’s cheered you up this week? what are you looking forward to in the coming month?

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puffin childrens book reviews

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pass it on by sophy henn - book review » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

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pass it on by sophy henn – £5.99

this is basically joy and gratitude in a childrens book, which, in my eyes, is always a good thing.

i don’t care how old you are, you need to read this book.

‘pass it on’ is essentially about finding happiness in the small things in life. which, really, are quite big and very important when you think about it.

the illustrations are as wonderful as the story, and i just love the colours and textures too.

as a 29 year old woman i felt touched by this book, and if i’d read it as i child i just know it would have been an instant favourite, and i honestly think it could have had quite an impact on me.

when you see something terrific...

pass it on by sophy henn

splash a smile and pass it on

pass it on by sophy henn - book review



max at night - book review » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

max at night by ed vere – £6.99

max is now a recurrent character in ed vere’s books, and in this title, he needs to say goodnight to the moon before he can go to bed. of course, that’s not as easy as it sounds…

the story is delightful and heart warming and i could easily see this becoming a favourite bedtime book for little ones.

i adore the bold, graphic illustrations and the colour choices here are fantastic too. i really like how you get a sense of how tiny max is compared to the world he lives in ..a thing i’m sure we all identify with.

i often find myself wanting to do a illustrated story about ava (my cat) and the adventures she gets up to and this book is fantastic inspiration on how to do it right.

max at night - book review

book review » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

max at night, a book review



chimpanzees for tea - book review » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

chimpanzees for tea by jo empson – £6.99

this is totally a book i would have LOVED to have read as a child, and it really reminded me of books i did actually read as a child. i’m sure as soon as you’ll read this you’ll recognise the format of the ‘shopping list’ game, but this has definitely put a fun, whimsical twist on that. if like me you’re easily distracted you’ll be able to identify with vincent, the young boy who’s been given a list by his mother.

as i was reading this i couldn’t help but hear the voices of the characters in this book. it feels alive! the beautiful illustrations help bring it alive even further and you really do feel like you’re being carried along with the story.

fun for children and adults alike!

a childrens book review

chimpanzees for tea book review


book review » cardboardcities

a book review of chimpanzees for tea by jo empson