i have this thing with …yellow

photography by

yellow flowers behind pink wall

yellow books in cardiff uni library

yellow speaks to me.

not literally of course, but it definitely catches my eye in a way no other colour does. turquoise is actually my favourite colour, and pink is an equal favourite to yellow, but yellow just has something special. a few years ago i didn’t love it on the scale i do know, and i’m not sure what happened to trigger my overwhelming love of this sunshine hue, but i’m glad it did.
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snapshots of my week – 22nd september

out & about, snapshots by

danger sign on barbed wire

blue painted wood

this past couple of weeks have definitely been better than many previously. in most ways it’s been pretty ordinary, but that alone is a vast improvement. meeting up with liz was fantastic, we chatted about blogging and work stuff …it’s always good to have someone that gets these things rather than a boyfriend that looks at you like you’re speaking jibberish, ha!
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the little guide to butterflies & the little guide to leaves | book review

books by

the little guide to butterflies

The little guide to butterflies* – £7.99

The little guide to leaves* – £7.99

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if i saw these books in a bookshop, i’d pick them up purely based on the covers. since childhood, i’ve loved animal and nature based books, so that would keep me reeled in. and the kicker? the fantastic illustrations (by tom frost) inside, as well as the informative and interesting text.

they’re hard backed, lovely quality paper and the texture of the illustrations really stand out. easily the kind of books you’d be tempted to buy second copies of so you could frame the images as prints. each book is 96 pages long so they feel nice and substantial, without being overwhelming.
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