i have this thing with …leaves

i have this thing with …leaves

having a thing for plants and nature, it’s only natural i’m drawn to leaves, too. i’m particularly captivated by unusual leaves, but who wouldn’t be? of my houseplants, my monstera and angel wing begonia are most definitely favourites. saying this, maidenhair fern leaves are pretty special. looking through old photographs i definitely seem to focus in on leaves especially where flowers aren’t abundant. i actually didn’t realise quite how many photos of leaves i’ve taken over the years. did you…

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snapshots of my week – 3rd august

one real fun thing about anxiety is that even when you get good news it can cause you to spiral, because you’re worrying about whether you deserve it, whether you’ll mess it up and so much more. and you feel so stupid for getting…

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free printable #1 – alright, alright, alright

i haven’t decided yet whether this’ll be a monthly blog occurrence, or purely a newsletter thing (incidentally, also monthly) – but i’d like to start sharing a free printable with you all each month. it is/will be a4 but you can size it down…