snapshots of my week – 30th september

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autumn leaves

apple tree bokeh

firstly – and i know everyone will be saying this, but – HOW is it almost october? seriously though. i do love october though, and not just because it’s my birthday month. this year i’ll be turning 30, eek! that’s a big one.

autumn has always been my favourite season. even if everything else in my life is rubbish, the cool autumnal air, the colourful evening skies (esp when they’re purple), and the changing colours in nature all make it worthwhile.

this week has been pretty awful, mostly on the mental health front, but physically and emotionally too. i feel drained to my core.

but earlier this week i took my trusty tokina lens out for a walk (i wanted to use my helios but can’t find it!) and all the lovely autumnal colours and golden late afternoon sun made me feel so content for the rest of the day. so all my photos this week are from then. enjoy!

ivy in fence

red autumn berries

fuschia with bokeh

red leaf surrounded by green leaves

passionflower framed by leaves

blue trellis fence

looking into the allotments

baby fig leaves


the small things | 4

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spiderweb against bokeh

– finding a simple but effective headache pain management tool
– making my own custom perfume
– watching my boyfriend sleep (not in a creepy way)
– (briefly) not having red cheeks for the first time in years
– brownies
– meeting online friends
– people being kind, just because
– this amazing snake pin
– finding new inspiring instagram accounts
this louis ck video
– snuggling up in multiple blankets
– rediscovering my love for my vintage camera lenses

what’s made you happy recently?

sunday links | 46

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side of rusty skip

// love these old photos of san fransisco from the 40’s and 50’s

// interesting interview from spencer harrison on his colourful work, as well as some advice for creatives.

// before we know it, winter will be here. if you want to get in the mood, check out this wintry post on searching for tomorrow.

// if you need some tips for shooting with a vintage lens, julia has you covered. (so do i)

// ever wondered what MF doom sounds like combined with sade? find out!