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snapshots of my week – 27th february

ginger cat sitting on wall
wait, what? february, where did you go? i don’t know if this month went faster because it’s the shortest month, because it’s getting lighter or just because it wasn’t as rubbish as january, but ..yeah, that went quickly.

i’m so glad spring is almost here. besides autumn, it’s my favourite season. flowers are blooming and trees are getting green. the days are getting lighter and longer and it’s getting a little warmer whilst still having a little chill in the air.

hyacinths and primrosesyellow crocuses in grass
i went to penarth¬†last tuesday to take some photos. it was such a lovely day! since moving to cardiff i really miss the sea. where i lived before i was literally a couple minutes walk away and i loved going down there late at night and sitting in the darkness listening to the sea. i know i’m not that far now, but’s not the same, you know? anyway, i’m semi close to the sea and that’s what’s important.

whilst i was there i visited (most of) the charity shops too. i kept finding things i wanted but didn’t want to lug loads of things around when i got to the penarth seafront. i did buy a little brass dog/wolf, a top and a navy shift dress though. definitely going back.

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floral, pattern

floral patterns and prints

kauniste tote bag
i absolutely love flowers and i have for as long as i can remember. they fascinate me endlessly and in so many ways. i loved going on field trips to gaze upon nature and studying the flowers in the gardens of the many places i’ve lived over my life. i remember particularly liking foxgloves and hydrangeas. asking my nan and grandad a million questions about their garden and gazing especially lovingly at their magnolia tree.

because of this, i have a overwhelming love for floral patterns and motifs, too. the first floral pattern i can really remember loving was the curtains in the living room in the house we lived in the longest when i was younger. they were black with a slightly oriental yet distinctly english floral pattern. i wish i could find that fabric again in my lifetime because i’d buy it in a heartbeat for the sake of nostalgia. i have a feeling it was from laura ashley, but i’ll probably never know.

anyway, for some reason, when walking through the kitchen recently i looked at one of our saucepans with a floral print on, and decided i’d take some photos of a few of the things i own that have floral patterns on. just because i wanted to, really.

retro floral pattern purse
floral pattern on saucepan

vintage bowl painted with flowers and strawberries
you can also check out some floral patterns i’ve made myself too such as roses and apples, vintage hydrangea and some vintage florals. i sell notebooks in my shop with one of the vintage hydrangea patterns on, and there’ll be some of the ‘roses and apples’ one soon too. i also have products with my vintage floral patterns in my society6 shop.

do you have any favourite floral patterns or prints? or are you not a fan?

floral notebook by laura redburn
laura ashley fabric with pink rose

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hey wordpress!

i've moved back to wordpress (chelsea boots and grey tights)

providing everything has gone to plan, you should now be seeing my blog on wordpress rather than blogger. i’ve adjusted the layout a little, but it’s essentially the same and if anything (hopefully) a little easier to navigate. it should be much faster too. always a bonus!

i’ve wanted to move (back) to wordpress for quite some time now, and last week i impulsively decided to just do it before i rack up even more posts and more work for myself. talking of posts, i’ve decided to change my posting schedule to ¬†3 times a week (plus every other sunday for sunday spark) instead of every weekday. it might be a temporary thing, but i want to give it a go for the sake of balance. i hope that’s okay with you all.

normal service is now resumed!

(..but do please let me know if something isn’t working as it should be)

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